Shape Loud Ride Loud Series

Photos & Video of shapers in the shaping room. Very unique space with lots of history and the craft of board building. Shapers love music while working. Shaper and surfer connect to collaborate on the perfect shape. Riding / testing model at local surf spot. Shaper/surfer hang outs. Cold drinks and tunes… Shaper/Surfer collaboration on playlist and music for final clips…


Surfer: Nathan Floyd - Corpus Christi, TX

Shaper: Hank Warner - A California Shaping Legend, Hank Warner Has Shaped Well Over 30,000 Surfboards Since 1967. Located in San Diego, California. Factory location 45 min from Jonathan.

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Surfer: Finn McGill - / North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii

Shaper: Jon Pyzel grew up in Santa Barbara, California. Pyzel Surfboards factories are located in the North Shore and in Oceanside, CA.

Factory in Oceanside Location 35 min from Jonathan.

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Surfer: Shane Dorian

Shaper: JC Hawaii (Also surfers for Slater designs but I think rides other shapes like JC for big waves) Located on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii, John “JC” Carper is considered one of the top shapers in the world. Factories in Hawaii.

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