Surf and lifestyle photographer Jonathan Nimerfroh’s “Slurpee Wave” photos recently became a viral internet sensation. 

Jonathan lives in San Juan Capistrano, California and is also the owner and founder of We Fall In & Runaway Bride Nantucket. He loves to travel, surf and volunteer within the his community.

Jonathan’s award winning photography has been featured in such publications as The New York Times, Rolling Stone, Surfer, Monster Children, and much more. Jonathan’s work is currently being exhibited exclusively at the Samuel Owen Gallery.

Jonathan is available for commercial and editorial assignments worldwide.


Spindrift, Ford Motor Company, OutsideTV, The Howler Brothers, Levitate Brand, Donelan Family Wines, Chubbies Shorts, Frigate Rum Reserve, Faherty Brand, Travel Channel, Matuse Wetsuits, Seaweed & Gravel, Bexar Goods, Safari Drive, Harmony Hotel, Rainbow Sandals, Faherty Brand, Almond Surfboards.


The New York Times, Rolling Stone, Surfline, Surfin' Life Japan, PBS, The Weather Channel, USA Today, Town & Country, Fly Fisherman, Outdoor X4, Monster Children, CBS Boston, ABC News, Huffington Post, Time, Yahoo, Fly Fisherman, Stay Wild, Whalebone, Nantucket Magazine, Surfer Magazine, Shutterbug, Ripley's Believe It or Not!

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