Since 2003 I have been a full time freelance photographer. My work has ben published in the New York Times, Overland X4, Huffington Post, Town & Country and Surfers Journal just to name a few.

Now, with the Lost Hiway Customs system installed I can work from anywhere! I would love to capture this and share it with you and all of your current and potential customer's. Please review ideas and links below. My hope is to work out a trade to help improve your website and social media presence with the content I can create for you.

This looks like visits to the shop and documenting the projects you have going, your install process, final product deliver and photos of completed projects in an amazing back drop. Let's take some awesome photos out in the middle of nowhere!


2 visits to the shop

Documenting the build of my van.

Photo shoot of a custom build out in a natural setting / location.

Product photos of what you offer. Fresh photos for website and social media.

I will provide photos / video of how I use my build out on a day to day basis.

My van will be used for a daily surf mobile as well as a mobile office.

This will help you have consistent content for your social media accounts.

Typically my rate is $550 - $700 per hour for photography.

This includes:

• Unlimited photos

• Online proofs

• Ownership of images

• All high resolution images / video on hard drive (Lost Hiway Provides)

Brands that regularly share my work on Instagram.

@surfline: 1.9M

@chubbies: 576k

@howlerbros: 118K

@niteize: 41.5k

@malooracks: 30.6k

@turtleboxaudio: 17.7k

Also a @surfears (23k) ambassador:

Concepts //

What's in my van.

How my office is set up. Working remotely.

Overnight surf trips.

Lounge area for client meetings and models for on location shoots.

Recent product work for brands -




Upcoming Trips with my new van -

  • Monthly trips to Mill Valley, CA. Starting a Moto Club and will be creating all content for the brand.
  • Upcoming trips include: Baja, Sedona, Austin.
  • Van will be used for trips back and forth to Nantucket Island.
  • Daily driver as freelance photographer for New York Times.
  • On location projects for brands such as Chubbies shorts. (

Happy to discuss more of your specific needs in order to improve your web presence and social media.

Thanks so much!



I will be submitting My VAN content to surf and overland publications on how I work remotely and use your build.

Scotland Trip | Outdoor X4 Overland Publication

recent work

Rainbow Sandlas Ad Campaign

Chubbies Shorts

Turtlebox Social Post


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