Film: Jonathan Nimerfroh // Largest Slurpee Waves Ever Captured.

Film: Jonathan Nimerfroh // For the first time ever, watch video of the Slurpee Waves as they hit Nantucket’s Nobadeer beach, and the brave surfers who rode them.

Film: Jonathan Nimerfroh // Evening Dip ft. Corey Colapinto.

Film: Jonathan Nimerfroh // One Fine February Day at San Onofre. Nothing but fun with Corey Colapinto and Tommy Witt

Film: Jonathan Nimerfroh // Surfs up for Nantucketers Eddie Coffin and Jamie Briard after annual opening day of Hummock Pond to the Atlantic Ocean.

Lead Actor: Jonathan Nimerfroh // Aventon: How You Roll

Producer: Jonathan Nimerfroh // A dive into Sayulita with local legend Izzy alongside fellow Howler Bros. Brew Houston. Surf, sips and valiant attempt to teach Izzy how to fly fish!

Presented by Howler Brothers - Mexi Log Fest in La Saladita, Mexico. Filmed by Evan Adamson

Co-star: Jonathan Nimerfroh // I had a blast filming with Travel Channel host Kinga Philipps on Nantucket! See it all here as we moped from lighthouse to lighthouse, and even catch a little surf sesh in between.