Largest Slurpee Waves Ever Captured.

For the first time ever, watch video of the Slurpee Waves as they hit Nantucket’s Nobadeer beach, and the brave surfers who rode them.

Evening Dip ft. Corey Colapinto.

One Fine February Day at San Onofre. Nothing but fun with Corey Colapinto and Tommy Witt

Surfs up for Nantucketers Eddie Coffin and Jamie Briard after annual opening day of Hummock Pond to the Atlantic Ocean.

Presented by Howler Brothers - Mexi Log Fest in La Saladita, Mexico. Filmed by Evan Adamson

I had a blast filming with Travel Channel host Kinga Philipps on Nantucket! See it all here as we moped from lighthouse to lighthouse, and even catch a little surf sesh in between.